Welcome to Sweetboy Candy

Candy should be sweet in every sense of the word. Not only should sweets have mouth-watering flavors and textures, but they should be sweet to your body and the world around you too.

Sweetboy Candy’s artisan chocolates and candies are carefully formulated in small batches to pack a sweet punch of flavor, texture, and love. We use high quality ingredients and when possible we  , meaning that our sweets are the least harmful candy option for both your body and animals.

Many people associate the innocence of childhood with their favorite candy, and Sweetboy Candy aims to re-introduce that innocence back into candy through our innovative caramel, toffee, truffles, chocolates, and gummies.

We are always striving to make more flavorful products that our customers will fall in love with. Please contact us (or sign-up to our email list) with any inquiries about a specific type or flavor of candy, or if you are in the Los Angeles area and interested in tasting our newest products for free.